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Jack Trimarco, an internationally known, highly experienced and respected polygraph examiner with over twenty-five years of experience (includes 21 years with the FBI), and has conducted over 3,500 polygraph exams. Jack guarantees a professional polygraph examination following all proper standards for length of time, technique, question formulation, comparison question setting and all the other protocols required for a good polygraph exam.


We use the LX4000 computer polygraph system records, stores and analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination. The LX4000 system combines conventional polygraph procedure with a sophisticated state of the art computer.

Each examination will be audio and video recorded. All examinations are conducted personally by Jack Trimarco and kept confidential.

Fees will be itemized before any service is rendered. Likewise, fees will be collected before any polygraph examination is conducted. This practice eliminates any suggestion of bias from those who might question the result of the examination. Cancellations may be made up to 24 hours before the scheduled examination with no financial obligation.

Please contact Jack Trimarco and Associates at 310-247-2637 for any further information. We appreciate your confidence in Jack Trimarco & Associates and look forward to helping you get the truth and impressing someone with that truth.

Jack Trimarco
Jack Trimarco & Associates